Top 10 Reasons to Join IATSE 873

Top 10 Reasons to Join IATSE 873


  1. IATSE is the largest film technicians union in the world

    IATSE is the preeminent entertainment technicians Union in Toronto and across North America,  with over 120,000 members continentally and nearly 2300 members in Toronto.  Local 873 has a long-standing and respectful relationship with the who’s who of the entertainment industry.  IATSE is the Union behind Entertainment.

  2. IATSE is a democratic organization 

    IATSE Local 873 is a democratic Union with the primary goal of representing and advancing motion picture workers interests collectively. As an IATSE Local 873 member you have a say in your rights at work, the decisions your Union makes, and the industry you work in.

  3. IATSE has a long history of representing entertainment industry workers

    The IATSE was founded 120 years ago and continues working to this day to improve, maintain and defend the rights and working conditions of its members. The following conditions are some that have been won by IATSE: Weekend turnaround, meal penalties, travel time payments, medical and dental benefits, and RRSP plans. Employers have never just handed out entitlements they are gained through the union's bargaining efforts.  Today, the IATSE Local 873 members working in Toronto benefit from one of the strongest contracts in found anywhere in the North American film and television industry.

  4. IATSE Members have the highest wage rates and fringe packages

    IATSE Local 873 members working on union contracted productions earn an average of 20% to 50% more than those working on non-union feature film and television productions.  Local 873's top tier rates and fringes can be up to 20% higher than other unions representing film technicians.

  5. IATSE Local 873 workplaces are the safest

    IATSE Local 873 works tirelessly to provide the safest working environment for our members.   IATSE campaigns on workplace safety and encourages workers to be actively involved in raising safety issues.  Local 873 provides a number of training courses that help educate our members on health and safety issues, including identifying and dealing with hazards and knowing your rights as a worker when it comes to your safety.  The union acts quickly on all safety issues brought to our attention, making sure every employer is taking the steps necessary to keep our workers safe.

  6. IATSE fights for workers' rights

    IATSE Local 873 works very hard to ensure your work rights and conditions are maintained. The production companies and studios have someone to ensure their interests are met; the best way to ensure your interests are protected is to join the union.  

  7. IATSE provides training opportunities

    IATSE Local 873 has specialized and advanced training opportunities for all members to participate in, making sure that our members continue to be  among the most skilled available anywhere in the world.  

  8. IATSE Local 873 members have great benefits

    Life insurance, accidental death and critical illness insurance and an employee assistance plan. Members of the health and dental plan get coverage for hospitalization, drug and dental coverage and many paramedical services paid for by employer contributions.

  9. IATSE Local 873 has a group retirement savings plan

    IATSE Local 873 is a member of the Canadian Entertainment Industry Retirement Plan. Members have access to a group RSP with low management fees and flexible investment choices – a great way to save for retirement. IATSE Local 873 employers are required to make mandatory contributions to members retirement plans.

  10. IATSE Local 873 cares about all workers

    IATSE Local 873 is represented at the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress. In these venues we work with other labour organizations to ensure the rights and representation of all workers.  In a corporate world where unions are struggling to survive and protect the right to collectively bargain, we are committed to supporting the union movement to the betterment of all workers, union and non-union alike.